Artillery® Pry Bar Sets are unique because the combination of handles, scrapers, fulcrums, and, of course, pry bar heads, enable you to put together the pieces to customize the tool to the specific demolition project you are working on. This quality is magnified when you imagine the possibilities you can make with our specialty pieces!

Adding an item, or several items from our Specialty products page will expand your pry bar set universe!  A left toe kick accessory might not seem significant until you’ve kicked all day and your foot is sore. The ball grip and cap will make thrusting the pry bar or blade all day more painful, maybe down right comfortable. The sheetrock / deck blade enables you to straddle the trusses, joist, and studs to remove decking, sheetrock, lathe & plaster with ease.

Is there anything more frustrating than stopping a job because you need to go back to the shop to bend rebar? With the Rebar Bender Head, there is no need to stop the job. This handy tool allows you to bend rebar, up to a ⅝“ and remove form ties. The dual slots & small size enables multiple positions and ground level bending. This piece is made of tempered alloy so you know it is durable.

These handy pry bar tool accessories can make demolition so much easier. When you have the right tools, tear out jobs go fast and so cost less. Save time and money with Artillery Tool Pry bar sets and just the right accessory.

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